The first issue was released in 2009 after months and months of planning and dreaming. It was one of the most ambitious projects that any of us had ever embarked on. Copies have long been sold out, but we have decided to present some contents of the zine for readers online. You can still order the newest second issue released in 2011.

Florencia Ascuitti / Monique Hernandez-Fuentes / Valerie Insinna / An Nguyen / Rinna Saramaki / Jacquelyn Thurmond / Jocelyn Sia

Hilary Florido / Kim Hoang / Rachel Law / Audrey Leong / Jane Mai / Kat Mukai / Kris Mukai / saicoink / Diana Wen

3 article previews uploaded. More to come soon! 2011.1.13

Ideas for Fall Fabrics Rinna Saramaki
How to Wear Scarves Jacquelyn Thurmond & Kim Hoang
Outerwear for Autumn & Winter Diana Wen & Kat Mukai
DERIVE Rachel Law
40s Makeup & Styling Rachel Law & Audrey Leong
Souvenir Valerie Insinna, Rachel Law, An Nguyen, Rinna Saramaki, Jocelyn Sia & Jacquelyn Thurmond
Voyage Sans Retour Rachel Law
Maidens Fight Back with Their Tears An Nguyen
Suzuran - Lily of the Valley Yoshiya Nobuko - trans. Bronwyn Thomas & An Nguyen - illust. Hilary Florido
Love Letters Jane Mai
A History of Lace Rinna Saramaki
Mark & Jamie Visit Williamsburg Kat Mukai
Going on a Millinery Adventure Jacquelyn Thurmond & saicoink
Let's Go Swimming! Jane Mai
Wish You Were Here Valerie Insinna
Cooking for Maidens: Kransekaker Cookies Jacquelyn Thurmond
The 'Woman' in Art Nouveau Monica Hernandez-Fuentes
Flower in the Pond Jane Mai
The Cemetary of Recoleta Florencia Ascuitti

ABOUT Arabesque is an aesthetic zine aimed at all things beautiful and refined. Inspired by the Japanese concept of otome, or maiden, it recalls the tiny loves, dreams and fancies that comfort and console the mind. Imagine: a good cup of tea at a cafe you chanced on a rainy day, the delicacy of light playing on an embroidered silk handkerchief, a whisper of music passing through an open window; you walk through the forest, breathe in the crisp and cool autumn air- lost in the wonder of every day life.

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